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Horizontal sliding door in one plane

  • Aletta system

    Assembled system

    The Aletta system consists of the Planfront suspension fittings from HAWA on the one hand, and a drive module developed by VDS on the other. Upon opening, the module pulls the door panel from behind the fixed panel and upon closing, the module pushes the panel back into the same plane. The system is available with left and right-hand doors.

  • Aletta components


    The complete package consists of a belt module with DC motor, control cabinet, all necessary mechanical parts and the electrical connection cables. The HAWA fittings can be supplied separately.

  • Aletta operating options

    Operating options

    The Aletta system can be operated with separately available push buttons, remote control or with the customer's push buttons, which can be connected using an available cable.

  • Video
  • Video
  • Available modules:

    • Door width <= 800 mm
    • 800 < Door width <= 1200
    • 1200 < Door width <= 2000
    • 2000 < Door width <= 3000
  • Aletta half open


    The moving panel in half open position.

  • Aletta open


    The moving panel in fully open position.

  • Aletta guide rail

    Guide rail

    At the bottom, the guide rail is incorporated into the base of the furniture.

  • Aletta - TV


    TV cabinet in half open position.

  • Aletta - TV


    Black, suspended TV Cabinet.

  • Aletta - Fireplace


    Cabinet above the fireplace, open.

  • Aletta zijzicht afmetingen

    Side view cabinet dimensions

    • Door weight: max. 70 kg
    • Door width: 600 - 3000 mm
    • For one horizontal sliding door
  • Aletta module dimensions

    Drive module dimensions

  • dimensions - control cabinet

    Control cabinet

    The control cabinet is compact and equipped with all connectors. The supplied cables only need to be plugged in. Manual control buttons and a display with error codes are also provided.

  • Aletta flyer NL

    Flyer NL

    Flyer in Dutch.

  • Aletta technical specifications NL

    Technical specifications NL

    Technical specifications in Dutch.

  • Aletta technical specifications FR

    Technical specifications FR

    Technical specifications in French.

  • Aletta manual NL

    Manual NL

    Manual in Dutch.

  • Aletta manual EN

    Manual EN

    Manual in English.

  • Aletta - Drive module

    Drive module (Basic package)

  • Aletta - Control cabinet

    Control cabinet (Basic package)

  • Aletta - Upper guide rails

    Upper guide rails
    (Basic package - option)

  • Aletta - Lower guide rail

    Lower guide rail
    (Basic package - option)

  • Aletta - Upper trolleys

    Upper trolleys
    (Basic package - option)

  • Aletta - Lower trolleys

    Lower trolleys
    (Basic package - option)

  • Aletta - Thickening block

    Thickening block
    (Basic package - Options)

  • Aletta - Power cable

    Power cable
    (Basic package)

  • Aletta - Motor cable

    Motor cable
    (Basic package)

  • Aletta - Fastening material

    Fastening material
    (Basic package)

  • Aletta - Home automation connector

    Home automation connector
    (Basic package)

  • Aletta - Door aligner set

    Door aligner set

  • Aletta - Ball snappers

    Ball catches

  • Aletta - Remote control

    Remote control

  • Aletta - Directly connectable buttons

    Directly connectable buttons

  • Aletta - Cable for own buttons

    Cable for own buttons