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  • VDS Frank


    Frank Verdonck
    Business Manager

  • VDS Lander


    Lander Debruyne
    Business Manager

  • VDS Nick


    Nick Quagebeur
    Work planner
    CNC programmer

  • VDS Robin


    Robin Gryson
    Product Head
    CNC / SprutCAM

  • VDS Louis


    Louis Capoen
    Product Head

  • VDS members shop


    Jelle Maes
    Michiel Delanote

  • Mission

    The name Verdonck Development & Systems is obviously a whole mouth full. When the company was launched this name was chosen on the one hand to cover the activities planned by the newly set up company to the extent possible. On the other hand, the name also perfectly matches what we actually want with VDS. Our purpose is the development and commercialisation of new products and systems as combinations of mechanics, electronics and software. We found this association in two disciplines among others: CNC machines and interior automation.

    These machines involve drawing and milling software, computer controls and mechanics. We are not a trader who transfers from manufacturer to end user. We want to represent an added value that translates into special machines, custom-made software and controls manufactured in line with the customer’s specifications.

    For the interior world we develop new products where we can utilise our knowledge of the machine world to make the difference. We master the technology to combine mechanical design with the right drive equipment and the appropriate control system which can then be further integrated in modern home automation.

    Conceptual thinking is our passion, and the passion we want to incorporate across our products and services.

  • History

    After a short career at a number of companies, Verdonck Development & Systems was set up as a sole proprietorship in April 1992 by Frank Verdonck. It was in his blood and setting up his own business was the only way he saw forward.

    Initially he started with the construction of a (prototype) milling table in a garage built onto a then rented house. Partly due to carrying out other orders, this development took approximately a year. The commercialisation of the product did not initially go so smoothly, but various machines were progressively sold alongside more general control projects with ‘motion control’ at the heart.

    VDS grew and moved from Stavele to Proven with an additional workplace being brought into use in the Blokweg. The number of employees also increased accordingly.

    In January 2007 the sole proprietorship was converted into a company. Besides the administrative change the general strategy was also adapted. Instead of generally positioning ourselves for automation projects, the focus was narrowed and concentrated on CNC applications. Hence our website

    By chance we also entered the world of interior automation with the emphasis mainly on the development of new products such as our ASSUNTA sliding system.

  • VDS InteriorTechnology
  • VDS Vivaro
  • VDS Menen


    VDS has now moved to a new building on the Uitbreiding Oost industrial zone in Menin. Thus, all activities have been transferred to one location.