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Painting lift

Painting covers TV

  • Starting point

    Starting point

    If no one is watching TV, it looks nicer if the television set is concealed. To this end, the set can be concealed by a painting.

  • Solution


    This means that the painting must be able to move up and down in order to conceal or uncover the television. This is why the painting is attached to a base plate that moves across 2 guide rails. The base plate is driven by a small DC motor via a pinion on a toothed bar. In addition, the unit is intelligently controlled with a soft start at the start and a controlled stop at the end.

  • Video
  • Closed

    System closed

    The entire frame is positioned in front of the recess.

  • Open

    System open

    The frame is positioned almost entirely above the recess.

  • Widths


    All dimensions of this product depend on the painting to be moved. The width of the painting can vary between 1000 mm and 1600 mm.

  • Heights

    Depths - Heights

    The minimum installation depth is 80 mm, the minimum installation height is 200 mm. The height of the painting can vary between 600 mm and 1000 mm.

  • Weight


    The mass of the painting to be attached must not exceed 10 kg.

  • Remote control

    Remote control

    Available separately.

  • Push buttons

    Push buttons and home automation

    Push buttons available in white or black. Home automation can be connected to the push button connections.

  • Control unit

    Control module

    Compact and directly connected to 230V AC.

  • Control unit

    Control module

    Control of external devices is possible.

  • Painting lift manual NL

    Manual NL

    Manual in Dutch.

  • Technical specifications NL

    Technical specifications NL

    Technical specifications in Dutch.